Welcome to HomeControl Flex. To get started enter your PIN number that was given to you by your security dealer.

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Welcome to HomeControl Flex! To get started, enter your PIN number, which was delivered to your email account by HomeControl Flex, and the zip code for the location of the system you are setting up today.

Your first step is to choose a Username and Password and keep it safe. You’ll use it to login to the HomeControl Flex website and all HomeControl Flex mobile apps.

When you login for the first time, update your Address Book. Be sure to add the people you want to either access your security system or receive notifications when something occurs. After that, make sure you personalize the system and give the system’s zones names you'll recognize when they are added to alerts. Once the system is personalized, download the HomeControl Flex mobile apps from the app store for your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. Finally, for inspiration on how get the most out of HomeControl Flex, check out the “Flex” tab and explore the ways you can connect your system to your Nest Learning Thermostat, Google Calendar, and many more popular consumer products and web services.